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Another boring weekend

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I didn’t really do anything for April Fools’ Day.  Somehow, the older I get, the more holidays of all sorts fall by the wayside.  I did not attempt any pranks, nor was I fooled.  I did appreciate Hulu’s trip back to 1996, however.  That was fun, and hideous enough to make me thankful for the 21st century.

Easter is coming up, at the end of the month.  I’m supposed to be working front-of-house at a theatre, that week (as well as the two weeks prior).  Yesterday, I had an argument with my mother, over the phone, about it.  She wants me to come home for Easter; I am working and simply cannot.

I wish I could, though.

An update on the tampon front: when I find whoever invented the cardboard-applicator tampon, I will beat his ass.  The tampon hurt to take out, and I could only (barely, laboriously, painfully) get the tip of a second one in.  I ended up throwing it away.  I’m off cardboard applicators for life.  Screw ‘em.  My mother, oddly, prefers them, so I’m given the rest of the box to her.

I had assumed, considering how bulky, awkward, and cheap-looking they are, that the cardboard-applicator tampons were made by some off brand that I would have never heard of.  They were not.  They were made by the same brand that makes the smooth, plastic-applicator tampons I usually use.

Et tu, Tampax?

I haven’t eaten anything today, so I’m going to go get some food.

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